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Intimate Art


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Artist Statement 

My paintings are designed to create an intimate atmosphere, filling a space with a sense of closeness and warmth. Drawing inspiration from the infinite beauty of the human body, I explore the connection between its beauty and inevitable change. Similar to the Japanese wabi-sabi culture, I celebrate the perfection of imperfection and am fascinated by the effects of time on surfaces and objects. The rough, warm, and rich textures created by wear and destruction have an allure that captivates me. My aim is to capture the fleeting beauty of the body in my unfinished works, which are layered on almost random, stained textures that continue to change, reminding us that everything in life is constantly evolving. Although I am not immune to the fear of aging, illness, and the marks left by life's experiences, I believe that they are a fascinating and beautiful part of our human story, a story that we all cherish.






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