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After a long and successful career as an entrepreneur in the high tech industry, I returned to my passion for painting and picked up my artistic journey where I left it.

I officially began drawing in 1998 when I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. There, I honed my skills by studying the human form through live figure drawing and sketching sculptures at nearby museums.

In the evenings, I continued to experiment and develop my own unique style, drawing inspiration from my surroundings and personal experiences.

Eventually, I transitioned to oil painting and developed a technique that involves layering paint and using a sponge to reveal the figure from the background, akin to sculpting in two dimensions.

My work continues to be deeply rooted in the human form and the exploration of the human experience

Eldad Ben Tora


Latest Exhibitions

August 2022, Solo Exhibitio

Bnei Tzion

Future Exhibitions

- March 2023, Group Exhibition 

"The intensity of the softness" (עצמת הרכות)

We ART, Karmiel 

- April 2023, Group Exhibition 
"Wherever we float is our home" (לאן שנצוף שם בית)

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